Birth Doula Services

What is a Doula? A doula is someone who is trained to provide emotional as well as physical support to a pregnant individual during late-pregnancy, childbirth and early postpartum.

Pregnancy Release Support

Pregnancy Release & Full Spectrum Support Services are for those who are seeking nurturing care in instances such as all-options counseling, stillbirth, abortion and miscarriage.

Childbirth Education

I’m here to help inform you to make educated decisions during pregnancy, childbirth and early postpartum. The goal is to give you “tools” to keep centered and grounded in your body to ease labor pain.

For Professionals

I’m available for two models of backup doula care: 1) The traditional “just in case” model, or 2) as a 911 last minute back-up doula. Two of your clients unexpectedly went into labor within hours of one another and you don’t have a planned back-up? During certain months of the year I’m available 24/7 for these scenarios.